LW Scientific® Specific Gravity-Protein or BRIX Refractometer

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LW Scientific® specializes in precision instruments for scientific and medical applications, including their specific gravity and BRIX refractometer. These refractometers offer accurate measurements of specific gravity and BRIX (sugar concentration) in various liquids, crucial for industries like food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and automotive. With advanced optics and user-friendly design, LW Scientific®'s refractometers ensure reliable results for quality control and research purposes

Protein / Specific Gravity Refractometer:

LW Scientific® handheld refractometer facilitates precise, quantitative assessments of specific gravity and protein levels in biological fluids. You can easily interpret the numerical scales via the eyepiece for swift readings. Featuring a rubber grip and optical focus system, it ensures effortless viewing in diverse environments, while its automatic temperature compensation feature guarantees prompt results despite fluctuations in sample temperatures

BRIX Refractometer:

The LW Scientific optical BRIX Refractometer is designed to measure sugar content in various liquids like wine, beer, fruit juices, and more. It offers versatility, usable both in laboratory settings and field environments, allowing users to simply place a few drops of liquid onto the prism and read the scale under ambient light.

Featuring a 0-32% scale, a focusing eyepiece, automatic temperature compensation, and coming with a hard carry case, it's a handy tool for accurate measurements. Additionally, it aids in assessing the quality of equine and bovine colostrum, with BRIX scores serving as indicators: 22% or higher denotes good quality, 18-21% is suitable for second feedings, while scores below 17% require supplementation

*For veterinary and educational use only


  • Total Protein in serum Range: 0 to 12 g/dl Resolution: 0.2 g/dl
  • Brix sugar content Range: 0 to 32 % Resolution: 0.2 %

Country of Origin: China

Warranty: Comes with 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

LW Scientific® Refractometer Brochure, LW Scientific® Refractometer Manual

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