EDAN Acclarix® AX3 Digital Ultrasound Imaging System w/Choice of Transducer, 15" HD Color Touch Screen

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The EDAN Acclarix® AX2 & AX3 have been designed from the relentless focus on delivering uncompromising performance at a cost-effective price. Alone with the unique dual-sockets and dual-batteries inspiration in a 4.5kg lightweight magnesium alloy body, the remarkable ax2 & ax3 deliver a surprising value to meet all the demands for clinical care.

*Dual Transducer Port


  • Compact and ultra light design, 10lbs with built in carrying handle
  • Two transducer ports
  • 15'' HD monitor with 10'' touch screen for customizable workflow
  • Built-in battery for 2 hour continuous use
  • 120G SSD, high capacity storage with USB transfer
  • PW auto trace — One key in automatic measurement
  • eTouch — Efficient ‘Swipe’ gesture control
  • DICOM enabled


  • 15" HD Color Touch Display
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Customizable user interface
  • 10lbs magnesium alloy body
  • Built-in battery
  • Dedicated preset measurement packages
  • Streamlined data management
  • Superb detail resolution
  • Tissue adaptive imaging (TAI)
  • PW auto trace

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Choice of Transducer (Based on the option selected)
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (14.8V, 5000mAh), P/N 01.21.064143
  • AC-DC adapter, P/N 21.21.064243
  • Power Cord (USA Standard), P/N 01.13.037122
  • Flash Disk (Netac,4G, USB2.0 Protocol), P/N 01.18.052245
  • Ultrasound Gel(250g)
  • Acclarix AX2/AX3 Series Advanced User Manual
  • Acclarix AX2/AX3 Series Basic User Manual

        Country of Manufacture: China

        Warranty: Comes with 2 Years Manufacturer's Warranty 

        EDAN Acclarix® AX2/3 Brochure, EDAN Acclarix® AX2/3 Spec. Sheet

        EDAN Acclarix® AX2/3 Ultrasound Transducer Options:

        Part No Description
        C5-1Q AX2/AX3 Single Crystal Convex Probe C5-1Q
        Applications used for:  Abdomen, Fetal / Obstetrics, Urology, Gynecology, Musculoskeletal 
        C5-2Q C5-2Q Acclarix AX Series Convex Array Transducer: 60mm, 128 Elements , 1.5 - 6.5 MHz (-20dB), 2-5 MHz (-6dB), 40-300mm depth, Abdomen, OB, Gynecology, Nerve.
        C6-2MQ C6-2MQ Acclarix AX2 and AX3 Mechanical Convex Array Transducer: 40mm, 128 Elements, 1.5-7 MHz (-20dB), 2-5 MHz (-6dB), Fetal Echo,OB,OB-1
        E10-3BQ AX2/AX3 Endocavity array transducer: E10-3BQ 
        E8-4Q Acclarix Endocavity array transducer: 10mm, 128 elements, 3.5-12MHz, 4-8MHz, 15-110mm depth, Fetal / OBGYN, Trans-Vaginal, Trans-Rectal, Urology
        L12-5Q Acclarix Linear array transducer: 38mm, 128 elements, 3.5-12.5 MHz (-20dB) 5-12MHz (-6dB), 10-110mm depth, Small Parts, Peripheral Vascular, Muscoskeletal
        L17-7HQ L17-7HQ Acclarix AX2, AX3  Linear Array Transducer: 38mm, 128 Elements, 5-19 MHz (-20dB), 7-17MHz (-6dB), Small parts,MSK, Nerve,Superficial, Vascular.
        L17-7SQ  L17-7SQ  Acclarix AX2 and AX3 Linear Array Transducer: 26mm, 192 Elements,  4.5-18.5 MHz (-20dB), 7-17MHz (-6dB), 10-110mm depth, MSK, Nerve, Vascular, SMP, Intra-operation, Superficial.
        MC8-4Q MC8-4Q Acclarix AX2 and AX3 Micro Convex Transducer: 15 mm, 128 Elements, 3 - 10MHz (-20dB), 4-8MHz(-6dB), Neonate*, Pediatric*, Nerve, Vascular.
        MC9-3TQ MC9-3TQ Acclarix AX2 and AX3 Micro Convex Transducer: 10 mm, 128 Elements, 2 - 11MHz (-20dB), 3-9MHz(-6dB), Neonate*, Pediatric*, Nerve, Vascular. 
        P5-1Q EdanUSA Acclarix AX2/AX3 Phased array transducer:16mm, 64 elements, 1-4.5 MHz (-20dB), 1-5 MHx (-6dB), depth 40-300mm, Adult Cardiac, Abdomen, Pediatric Cardiac, Adult Cephalic
        P7-3Q EdanUSA Acclarix AX2/AX3 Phased array transducer:16mm, 64 elements, 1-4.5 MHz (-20dB), 1-5 MHx (-6dB), depth 40-300mm, Adult Cardiac, Abdomen, Pediatric Cardiac, Adult Cephalic

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