Bovie®/Medical Illumination® VidaShield™ UV24 Air Purification System w/o Light, UV24NL

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Protect patients, staff, and visitors from airborne bacteria, viruses, and mold across your facility using the VidaShield UV24 system. Concealed overhead, this patented system delivers continuous ultraviolet safeguarding against airborne pathogens, discreetly nestled behind standard-sized fluorescent or LED ceiling lights. The VidaShield UV24 air purification system operates swiftly and continuously, ensuring a constant supply of fresh, clean air. Combining an ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) chamber and air circulating fans with an overhead ceiling light, it facilitates 24/7 operation in occupied spaces, capable of treating the air volume equivalent to that of a 10’ x 10’ x 8’ room four times per hour.

Research demonstrates that UV-C presents a significant defense against healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs), including MRSA, C. diff, Staph, Ebola, Tuberculosis, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Clostridium difficile. Well-suited for deployment in hospitals, nursing homes, surgery centers, and daycare facilities, the system proves invaluable wherever airborne pathogens pose a risk to patient and staff well-being.


  • Improves Quality of Air
  • Reduces Bacteria
  • Reduces Odor
  • Reduces Settling
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Space-Saving

Country of Manufacture: United States of America

Warranty: Comes with 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty

VidaShield™ UV24 Configuration Table

Part No Description
UV24NL VidaShield™ UV24 Air Purification System (no Light)
UV24FL VidaShield™ UV24 Air Purification System w/Fluorescent Light
UV24LED VidaShield™ UV24 Air Purification System w/LED Light


VidaShield Brochure, VidaShield Flyer, VidaShield Manual, VidaShield White Paper, VidaShield Maintenance Instructions

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