Cryogenic Equipment: Making Waves Across Industries

Cryogenic equipment has become a transformative force across various industries. This cutting-edge technology has found applications in medical, industrial, research, and space exploration fields, playing anessential role in advancing scientific and medical capabilities. The global market, which stood at USD 18.06 billion in 2021, is expected to grow to USD 32.86 billion in 2028. That’s a CAGR of 8.9%.  

In this blog, we take a look at just how and why cryogenic equipment and supplies have become one of our best-selling items at MedLab America.

Cryogenic Equipment In The Medical and Industrial Sectors

In the medical sector, cryogenic equipment has revolutionized treatments and procedures. From cryopreservation of biological samples to the use of cryosurgery in removing abnormal tissues, this technology has significantly enhanced medical practices. The precision and controlled temperature achieved through cryogenic equipment and supplies make them indispensable in various medical applications while also contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Industrially, on the other hand,cryogenic equipment is crucial for gas liquefaction and separation processes. The ability to handle gases at extremely low temperatures allows for efficient storage, transportation, and utilization of industrial gases. This not only ensures the availability of essential gases but also contributes to reducing environmental impact through effective resource utilization.

Cryogenic equipment featuring Brymill 10oz CryAc3® cryogun with A, B, C, D, E apertures, MVE LAB 30 LN2 Storage Tank (30 liters), BRY502 LN2 Withdrawal device, and Cryoplate on a white background

Cryogenic Equipment and Supplies In Research Facilities

When it comes to research, cryogenic equipment facilitates experiments and studies that require ultra-low temperatures. Cryostats, cryocoolers, and other cryogenic tools provide researchers with the means to explore new frontiers in physics, chemistry, and material science. The controlled conditions created by cryogenic equipment open doors to studying materials and phenomena that would be impossible at higher temperatures.

Cryogenic Equipment Beyond Earth

The exploration of outer space also heavily relies on cryogenic technology. The storage and transport of fuels for rockets, as well as the functioning of specific spacecraft components, demand ultra-low temperatures. The ability to handle extreme temperatures in space environments makes cryogenic equipment and supplies indispensable components of space exploration missions.

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