Bovie® DERM™ A942 40W Electrosurgical Dessicator w/Accessories

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Crafted for long-lasting performance, the Bovie DERM® 942 stands as the pinnacle of reliability and durability among desiccators on the market today. Utilizing cutting-edge chip technology and a streamlined internal design, this unit ensures an extended lifespan while minimizing internal heat generation. Additionally, its non-absorbent, non-staining, high-impact plastic case simplifies post-procedure cleanup and long-term maintenance.

The versatile 3-Button Pencil from Bovie offers functionality with or without the optional footswitch. Simply connect the footswitch if desired, and you're ready to proceed! Not only does Bovie's footswitch present a more cost-effective solution, but unlike competitors, it eliminates the need for handpiece replacements. With complete control, including power adjustments and activation from the handpiece, Bovie surpasses the competition in user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness. The choice is yours. Both the foot control handpiece and footswitch are available separately and are essential for the ConMed® foot control option.

Moreover, setting up the Hyfrecator® is notably more complex. Recognizing the value of time and efficiency, the cumbersome six-step process required to transition the Hyfrecator® 2000 from the 3-button handpiece to foot control can drain both resources. It's important to note that these steps must be reversed to revert to 3-button handpiece control.

Digital Error Detection

The Bovie Derm® 942 continually monitors its output, promptly disabling it and displaying an appropriate error code on the screen at the first sign of any issue.

The Bovie 3-Button Handpiece – Superior in Design, Inside and Out

The A902 hand piece empowers users to adjust power output and activate the unit, even in foot control mode. With a 2-pin design (patent pending) enhancing reliability over traditional flying lead types used by competitors, Bovie's handpiece is technologically advanced. Featuring a superbly engineered, gold-plated collet for superior conductivity, the handpiece is encapsulated in a high-tech polymer for comfort and a secure grip, exemplifying Bovie's commitment to excellence.



  • 40 watts of power
  • higher resolution in bi-polar mode, increase and decrease in 1/10th watt increments from zero to ten watts
  • more user friendly with features that can save you time and money
  • less to do with fewer steps to accomplish the same procedures
  • less to buy fewer accessories needed for additional functionality
  • 100-240V 50/60 Hz universal voltage
  • Ships with all essential accessories, ready to use
  • FDA and CE approved

Package Includes:

  • Bovie Derm 942 Generator
  • A902 – 3-Button Power Control & Autoclavable Handpiece (1ea)
  • A804 – Sharp Dermal Tips, Non-Sterile (5ea)
  • A805 – Sharp Dermal Tips, Sterile (2ea)
  • A806 – Blunt Dermal Tips, Non-Sterile (5ea)
  • A807 – Blunt Dermal Tips, Sterile (2ea)
  • A806DE – DERM-Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip, Non-Sterile (2ea)
  • A807DE – DERM Elite™ Premium Blunt Dermal Tip, Sterile (2ea)
  • A910 – Disposable Handpiece Sheath, Non Sterile (2ea)
  • A910ST – Disposable Handpiece Sheath, Sterile (2ea)
  • A837 – Wall Mount Kit (1ea)
  • Medical Grade Power Cord
  • User Manual (CD Format)

      Country of Manufacture: Bulgaria

      Warranty: Comes with 4 Years Manufacturer's Warranty


      Line Frequency 50-60 Hz
      Output Frequency 328-492 kHz
      Line Voltage 100-240 VAC
      Output Power Bipolar: 40 watts, Fulguration: 40 watts
      Cooling System Passive Cooling
      Technology Isolated RF Output
      Audible/Visible Output Meter Yes
      Pre-set Feature No
      Monopolar HP Ports 1 Ports
      Connector Ports/Power Switch White
      Warranty 4 years, Additional Warranty Available
      Monopolar Spray Coagulation
      Bipolar Standard Bipolar
      Width 228 mm (8.98 in.)


      Bovie Derm®942 Brochure, Bovie Derm® 942 Manual, Bovie Complete Product Catalog

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